Monday, July 16, 2007

Something New

Well I thought I would try something new so I am looking on line to get reviews from other moms like me and I love it. They do the research and I reap the benefits, one of those sites is Mama Speaks this is a review blog and worth the time it takes to check it out. I came across this due to a contest at Adventures in Babywearing, Oodles at Kangaroodle. Kangaroodle is a great place to shop and I have really enjoyed browsing... Now if my wallet was as big as my wish list!
So if you have the time check it out.

In other news I wanted to share that yesterday was a terrible no good day!! Do you ever wish you could just rewind and live that moment over again?? This was NOT one of those moments!!!! We took a two hour drive down to the lake in order to celebrate James' birthday with his grandma Linda who could not fathom him not having a birthday party. So she bought him a cool spider man cake and all the trimmings and took us all out for Chinese food, which should have and would have been a great time.... However James, who woke up that morning with just a few sniffles from allergies, was progressively getting worse on the ride down and by the time we got there he would not lift his head up AT ALL. So we give him medicine and hope that feeding him will help and off to lunch we went. Where my darling little girl decided she did not like James getting all the attention and that EVERY ONE else had a better plate of food than she did. So she screamed, and screamed and threw food and well screamed some more, while all the good folk of the small town shook their heads at us. James refused to touch any food at all and laid his head on the table only to look up under the strictest request. Well about twenty minuets in to lunch I could take no more of the screaming nor the shaking heads , and I took Miah out while the rest of our group gather our belongings and paid the bill. Upon returning back to Linda's home we tried to get James excited about the cake and gifts but the poor guy could only muster a half hearted attempt and really would have rather just taken a nap. We cut our visit short and headed for home and on the trip Miah had decided that the car seat was not her friend and she was anything but happy. You guessed it she screamed most of the way home until I gave in a put a movie on just to keep my sanity in check. I know now that she too was coming down with a cold and what I thought to just be allergies with James is, well , more than that and he is currently running about 102. The real kicker here is that after that horrible day whit my two cherubs being out of sorts we get home only to realize that in all the rush to get out of the restaurant my purse had been left behind... GREAT! So now we are trying to figure out the least pain in the rear way to get it back. Oh yeah and I also went to my neighbors Once Upon A Family party where the hostess proceeded to be really rude to me, just par for the course I guess. I must have had a label on my head yesterday that said beat me while I am down. Ok I guess I will stop venting for now, but I will post pictures of our pitiful adventure yesterday later on.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh goodness! Hope today is so much better! And thanks for entering the Kangaroodle contest!!


Paul & Robyn: said...

Sorry you had such a bad day!!!

Hope things are looking up!!

Kelley said...

Goodness gracious, girl! What a day! On the upside, I bet that the next days were better.