Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Fog

There is a fog in my home, and no it is not due to any burning holiday meal. It is the fog of not knowing, yeah I know nothing new, or is it. There is a wonderful rumor floating around that just maybe we will see most if not all of Sept. Included in this batch of referrals. On top of that our agency sent out a message to us that CCAA has started matching. We have never gotten that notice before because we have never been close enough to our LID. That was pretty darn exciting, but they are NOT saying we are included or even so much as hinting that we might at this point. So there in lies my dilemma, do I leap up and down for joy over the rumors or do I remain as somber as my agency?? Thus the fog in my home in and out of the curly mist my mind does wonder one moment elated that I may indeed see my Miah in a few short days, and then back to reality that more than likely it will be the end of December beginning of January, which after all this wait still feels pretty near to me. I guess only time will tell and there really is no harm in letting my heart soar just a little over this holiday thinking just maybe... Just maybe... But I will not tell my family so that I can just relish in the joy and if it is not our time I will not be bombarded with a million and one questions come Christmas. No I am keeping this to my self.... For now!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will celebrate it tomorrow, my you find much to be thankful for from the year that is passing, and twice as much in the year that is ahead.

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