Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The great escape

There was a great uproar at my home this week when the lovely Miss Peach decided to do a disappearing act. Yes you read it right there was an escape artist in running loose to do as she pleased much to the dismay of my son who has not the heart for another loss, Of a precious pet hamster that is. It seems some how in the middle of the night her running wheel came apart. That would not be a bad thing if this cage were like most and the wheel was enclosed inside, but this one is on top of the cage and is separated by a tunnel. Needless to say when I turned around from checking all the sites for any type of rumors first thing in the morning I was rather taken back by the strange sight I saw.... OH CRAP... Is she still in there? No... OH CRAP... How the heck did she get down... OH CRAP... Is she dead behind the book case ( that is four feet tall)???? No thank you Lord.... WAIT what if she crawled away to die... Man that is going to stink and poor James. Ok Lets not freak out yet, ok so I have already done that. From here I did manage to pull myself together and actually start looking for her through the entire house. This went on all day I would scour every part of the house and I did eventually have to tell James that his fourth beloved hamster had decided to pull a Houdini on us and was no where to be found. He was really upset with me and insisted I had left the cage open. NO.... NO.... NO I tried to explain over and over to no avail. Just great this will be one of those memories he holds onto that will forever scar him. I have GOT to find that rodent!!!!! Yes I found her eight hours later. Where you might ask, well in the very first place I looked right after I calmed down the first time a round, In the closet right next to the shelf. Funny thing is, is that I made sure I closed the closet so she could not crawl in there after I searched it so I know she had to be in there the whole time as she could not have crawled under the doors. Now if that was not bad enough once I did locate her it took me a good twenty minutes just to catch her in a four' by two' closet. GRRRRRRRRRR oh well at least she is back safe and sound and James does not seem me as the hamster looser anymore, nope he still thinks watching mommy jump back and forth in a closet trying to catch her is the most entertainment he has seen in his little life.

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