Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A wonderful Gift

Today my DH surprised me with a wonderful gift. It is something I will treasure and home our daughter will treasure as well. It was totally unexpected but right on time! It seems however I was not suppose to get this gift till Christmas, so I want to thank the mail man for cramming it into the mail box there by setting DH on fire and demanding that I open the package immediately to see if said gift had been damaged. Nope the gift is fine and wonderful I might add. Ok what is this special present..... The Elder-respecting book put together by the CCAA. It is a book of Selected china stories that teach children to respect their elders. It is so beautiful, when you open the book you see the stories written in pin yin and then you can read them in English at the end of each one.
The timing was so perfect to get this book today. I read the first story and it refers to a mother being a clock.... Oh how neat, I will not tell you the story because you really need to get this for you and your child you will not regret it I promise. Any way the story rang so true for me as I wait for my daughter and how even now I am keeping time for her. Every day I wait the hands of time move on and I am here taking account of that time recording it for ever in my mind so that some day I can tell her of all that went by as we waited to bring her home.

If you would like one of these books I know our agency has the authority to sell them, they benefit the CCAA and the orphanages in China and it is considered a donation.

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