Sunday, November 26, 2006

It is that time of year again, when every thing in my home comes down and is replaced with something merry and bright. I love to decorate for the holidays and this year was no exception even with one case of respitory infection (ME) and Strep throat (JAMES) and lots of sickness. We turned on the Christmas music and got to work and now my home looks holiday festive. I am glad we did all the work because we had an impromptu to social worker meeting in order to get our 171 redone and I felt much more confident when she came into our home this time. It was really neat because we realized it had been nearly a year and a half since her last visit and James has changed so much in that time. Not to mention we now have a nursery all set up and a closet full of clothes that she ohhhed and awwwed over. Every thing went well and it was more like a social call than a social

Here is my yearly job.... Putting that darned old tree together. I tears my hands up every year but it must be done. It is funny every year Randy tells me he wants a real tree and every year I am still stuck putting this thing up. Oh well it is worth it in the end!
Here is James in all his glory. Sick, sick, sick. Poor guy fell asleep right here in this spot. I went outside to check on Randy putting on the house lights and came back in to one fast asleep little boy.

I do not care how many pictures I take of this tree they never turn out the way I want. Believe it or not this tree does look much better in real life, but I guess you will just haft to take my word for it.

Happy start of the Christmas season.... May it bring you all the joys you could ever wish for. I am wishing to see my Miahs face........... We shall see what it brings.

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Dawn and Dale said...

BEAUTIFUL decorations!!

Sooo sorry James (and you) were not feeling well!! Hope everyone is back health again soon!!