Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I 171 Hell

Life as I know it has been not to fun as of late. The dreaded I 171 fairy has come up and bit me on the butt!!! I have been trying so hard to think positive and have faith that everything was going to be all right, and yeah I know it will in the long run, but for now I have a sore bum! You see we started renewing our 171 back in November and had trouble getting Update in a timely manner and was delayed about a week and a half which when you are counting every day is a big deal. Then we get every thing submitted only to find out that the Dallas office is transferring all work for I 171s to the Oklahoma office.... Lots of knots in my stomach over this but I took a deep breath and prayed it would all turn out ok. Nope I get the huge package in my mail box with Homeland Security on it... WHAT.... they had sent back our information and paperwork stating that we did not send enough money.. HMMM you mean the money for fingerprints that my dh checked about with our SW and agency more than once to make sure we were not suppose to send it in since our prints were current and are not due to expire anytime soon... Yep that is what they meant. Argggggg!!! Ok so we get it all fixed up and thank our lucky stars we noticed that we had to send it to the Dallas office?? and then they would send it on to Oklahoma??? Can you say Delay! But again I left it in fates hands praying every day that there would be lighting speed on this as we were already behind now and our paper work was sent in December 21st, you know with all the holidays that China does not observe. Well today I went to my mail box and saw a letter from Homeland Security thinking that this was it I was doing a happy dance back to my house only to crash and burn as I saw a purple letter and it did not NOT say 171. No in stead it list three things that our SW needs to amend. They are none of them big or hard to change but the fact that we could not get our 171 before TA is killing me when we did every thing we could to renew on time and make sure all our ducks were in a row. Come on I have wait a long time to see Miah's little face and now to be postponed in getting to her even longer than the Chinese New Year festivities we already are working around is just not fair. I know life is not fair but seriously I just want to curl up into a ball and cry my self to sleep. If you are reading this and you pray I could really use some prayer right now. I know it is in his hands but I also know he answers prayer!


Brian & Darin said...

Stacey - I know you must be feeling awful with the stress of this! I hope everything works out well and you get to see and hold Miah really soon! I look forward to watching your journey!

redmaryjanes said...

Hang in there!
What a nightmare.
I hope that everything stays resolved and you get what you need quickly.
We are just DTC and I know that we are going to have to renew almost everything with the wait time what it is now.