Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Looking Back on "The Call"

I am using this blog as a sort of diary and so I thought I would take the time to put down in writing "The Call" before I forget... Not that I ever really could but it would be nice any way!
SO it starts a few days before jumping on the computer every five to ten minutes of the day and this is by no means an exaggeration. Finally I see what I have been looking for news that referrals were on the way. In fact there were reports of over seas receiving their darling daughters and sons information so I knew it would only be a day or two for us. Life moved at a snails pace and the computer was never far from my sight. I was looking at RQ and the boards as well as watching our email for the Stork Alert which oddly enough never came for us. Nope I opened up email once again in desperation as I had read other agencies in the states were calling their people only to see no news. I started to cry, even one more day of waiting seemed way beyond what I could handle. I had asked my agency in advance what time they got mail call and I was fairly certain if I did not see an email before two then we had a slim chance of seeing a referral that day. So I was giving myself room as it was only 9 in the morning. Refresh, walk away, Refresh, walk away, Refresh...sigh ok this goes on for an hour literally I checked out the computer gambit every five minutes. Then it happened at about 10 I went to check email ONE MORE TIME and there in all its glory were the words....THE STORK HAS LANDED..... See no stork alert for us he just LANDED. I jump up and down and up and down and then decide to call DH to let him know life was about to change and that if he did not answer the phone when I called him he would be in MAJOR trouble. Now in the time from when I got the email to the moment the call came for us I was a huge wreck. I managed to get the camera and Video set up and made sure I had a pen and paper, but other than that I just could not function. Oh one other thing I did was have some special M&Ms ready for James while I was on the phone... like any other five yr old when the phone rings he becomes Mr.Got to have all the attention. Ok back to not functioning... James could have eaten ice cream from his hands on my living room carpet while jumping on one foot and I would have be oblivious. I must admit TV was my friend on this day, the SI FI channel was playing a string of back to back shows that James could actually watch and that were just enough to keep me distracted so I did not literally wear a hole in the carpet. Every noise was the phone ringing and I jumped ... A LOT... Poor Randy actually had the nerve to call me a couple of times while I waited only to be told DO NOT CALL THIS PHONE!!! Now as time passed and I became worried, my mind started to come up with all kinds of reasons why they had not called yet.I was so scared that we would be skipped or they decided at the last minute that we were not qualified. Thinking that it was getting close to five I started to get panicked as our agency closes then I was just sure they would all go home and just call me in the morning. So I decided to go check the computer and see all the new little faces on the boards. I never made it... The phone rang.... I think to myself "Randy I told you not to call this line" I say " Hello" and then the sweetest voice says ..."Stacey, This is Krista." I know there was a pause there before I realized this was it. This is the moment I have been waiting for all these months. I ask her if we can get DH on the line and then I forbid her to hang up. As I turn the video camera on I switch over to add Randy on the line carefully looking at the number written in front of me, a number I have dialed thousands of times but I knew if I tried to remember it in that moment I would forget so I had it written for me. I switch back over and say hello three times before Krista says she is still there...be still my heart.... Randy does answer (good thing!!) and I tell him in a very shaky voice that Krista is on the line. He tells her hello and then the most wonderful words were spoken to us. "You have a daughter...." and she continues to give us information and all I can say is OK...OK....OK....OK... I think the most intelligent thing I got out was how much does she weigh and Say her name again. The call was over almost before it began and at the end Krista says to us that she just hit the send button on her computer and we could now see our little girl. It is funny we never asked during the call what she looked like or even when we would see her. I am telling you write down what you want to ask it is so hard to think when you are finally getting "The Call". When Krista hung up the line I was some where between laughing and crying and You better believe trying to get into email. James at the point has come over to me patting me and telling me it is alright mama. Randy and I say a few words and all the while I am waiting to see Miahs face when he says to me " Oh she is Beautiful"... I start screaming... Wait Randy I cant see her... Why cant I see her.. Randy it wont work... the pictures wont come up... Then the screen flashed and in a blink of an eye I took the deepest breathe of my life. My daughter was there before my eyes the most adorable little girl in the world and she is mine. After that the first thing out of my mouth was "She is beautiful" followed directly by "LOOK AT THAT HAIR". I was in awe and after a few more words with Randy and telling James ... "This is sister" with him telling me "Yeah I know mama, it's ok" and still patting me trying with all his little might to calm me down, I hung up with Randy and called my mom right away. Randy had ended our conversation by saying he was on his way home.
I totally forgot to take pictures till the very end and then it was only one, but the video was good and I also remembered to give James his candy. When Randy got home we took James on the trip we had promised him for over a year now. To Build a Bear and he made a Bunny for sister and a bear for him, we went out to dinner at Cristina's Mexican restaurant and then came home to stare at her picture ( not that I wasn't staring at it the whole time we were out) and not get a wink of sleep. It was a day to remember and the phone call of a life time.
It is funny to look back and remember how many nights I lay awake and plan out the call in my head a hundred different ways, among the other things I dream about (like Forever Day) now it has come and gone and I still find it a little hard to believe that it actually happened and we are parents to a little girl half way around the world!!

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bbmomof2boys said...

I so can't wait for our call. I was wiping tears away - thank you for sharing. Miah is beautiful - and look at that hair!!