Friday, January 05, 2007

What I am doing now...

It has been two days since I first saw Miah and it seems as if I have always known her little face. I am so ready to hold and touch her, but the wait continues so now what to do with myself.... For starters I am reading every thing I can get my hands on about where she is and who is taking care of her. I am asking questions that I never even thought of during all of the months of waiting and let me tell you I had all kinds of lists. I am wearing new holes in my carpet from walking back and forth to see her picture... I finally wised up and printed several copies and placed them around the house. I had picked up James' copy of his sister and he went nuts on me telling me that was his picture and not to touch it... SORRY! I have been sorting through clothes and trying to decide what really will fit and what will not.... still not to sure about that. Thinking a hundred times an hour that it really happened, I got my referral and across the world is this beautiful little girl I will call my own, love and cherish oh and spoil rotten.

I have put in notice with my boss ( my next door neighbor whom I nanny for) and am a little sad about not having Bella everyday, I have taken care of her since she was six weeks old and she turned 15 months today. I know it is for the best I want to devote my time to Miah and with James homeschooling I need to keep it all as simple as possible and two babies who are(or may be) clingy will be a little much. At least she will be right next door and I can see her when ever I want.

We are still trying to decide on a middle name for our darling and It has become a real debate in our home. I am wanting more graceful middle name and my Dh wants Joe as the middle name.

Ok I am rambling so I will end this now with the thought that right now My little one has turned ten months in China today.... Hold on baby I am coming.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl... We adopted our little chongqing girl in October 9, 2005.

She is also from Dianjiang SWI. They love there babies so much as we got a chance to visit the orphanage.

Feel free to email me

Canada, NB

Jenn said... beautiful! many congratulations!

Kelley said...

Have I mentioned how happy and excited I am for you, Randy and James?! Let me know if you need any help with anything as you prepare for your awesome journey to China. I wish that I was going too!

Christie said...

Congrats to you - I've linked to you for a while on my blog and have been anxiously awaiting your referral right alongside your family! What a cutie and well worth the wait!