Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A sweet read

I just had to share this special moment between brother and sister. Most of the time Miah will scream if James tries to touch her or get near anything that is hers, but this girl LOVES to be read to. She wants a book first thing in the morning and will literally jump out of my arms to get to them. I was doing laundry around the corner when I heard him and I RAN for my camera and walked in on the most tender scene, and wouldn't you know it but the battery was dead, so I fumble with the back just as he was finishing up... Bummer! Then I hear him say so sweetly..."want me to read it again" and so I got just enough on film. I am so proud of you James you did a GREAT job!


Sophie's Mom said...

What a special moment you captured! TOTAL SWEETNESS!

Krista said...

How endearing!! I love the way they look at each other...so much love!

Lisa and Doug said...

Too cute for words! That was wonderful!