Friday, June 08, 2007

Family FotoFun Ford Style

Donna over at Double Happiness has a great Family FotoFun Friday Challenge going this week and here are a few pictures I found looking back at a few of the messes James has made. Oh and one of Miah too!Ok so most every one knows if your child is a little to quite you better come running... I remember this as if were yesterday and I swear I can still smell the Cucumber Melon in James' hair! He was soooo cute trying to rub in the lotion... At least he got half of the application in the right place. It was so funny to me I could not get on to him so I grabbed the camera and took pictures instead.
Now this mess was all my doing... Here is James getting to lick the mixer blades with brownie batter for the first time. I so loved this moment with him it is one of my fondest memories as a child doing this very thing.
This picture is another all time favorite along with the other hundred I took that day. Believe it or not James is not in trouble here. I actually let him play in this puddle, he had been begging me every time it rained to play in the water and I just would not let him until this day. I just told him to go for it, and well he did. At first just little splashes and then bigger and bigger until he was wet from head to toe and in Little Boy Heaven. I had Randy hold him up so I could get a shot of him standing still and then Randy put him back down to enjoy a little more boy bliss.

Yes I know this does not LOOK messy, Oh but if you only knew! I caught Miah "sharing" a cookie with our friend Cassie whom we babysit from time to time. Now I say sharing lightly because her idea of sharing was to place her entire fist full of cookie in the dogs mouth , giggle and pull out her fist with the cookie still in hand and proceed to eat the cookie... YUCK!!!

I am sure I could share several more Messy pictures but I will leave you to go and check out Donna's other blog contributors.


Shelly said...

What cute babies you have! I love the one with the doggie...

Christie said...

Too stinkin cute!

Love the lotion and the cookies...classic!!!