Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not ready for this!!!!!

So I was comfortable going through my day not worrying about any broken bones or bloody noses. James is not the kind of kid who jumps on the bed or climbs to the top of a tree. He really does not like sports that involve to much effort yet. So I thought I was safe for a while, I mean he is not even ready to have is training wheels off his bike yet...almost, but not YET! TO tell the truth I like it that way, I hate, HATE the thought of him getting even a skinned knee. My insides turn to jelly when he gets hurt and I freak out if I see him doing something that is even remotely dangerous. Ok I hover... Bad mommy... I know, but darn it he is my baby! I mean big boy. I want him to be a boy to try new adventures and have a great time doing it.... in theory.... but at the same time I want to protect him and I can not do that when he is spiraling down the street on a thin board! Granted he is almost six and it is time he get some spunk in his spine and not be afraid, so how do I let go and still keep him safe??????? By the way his dad thought it would be cute to PUSH him down the street at full FORCE. Thus the picture above courtesy of our neighbor Dave, because mommy could not watch for fear the constant sucking in of deep breaths would distract James and cause him more energy than if he focused at the task at hand. So here are the following two pictures after the full force ride.....

Don't worry baby there is always tomorrow. As much as it pains me to watch I know you can do it! Never give up on something you really want, always try again because getting there is always half the fun. Love ya big guy... I mean my baby!!!

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Kelley said...

Way to go James...you look like a pro!