Wednesday, February 07, 2007

11 Months Old

Today my daughter is eleven months old. It is hard to know that I will have missed all but two days of the first year of her life, but as tough as it is I know that for every day I missed I will have the rest of my life to be her mother. The milestones that she has accomplished are ones I can never see but I will be there for the lifetime of others. Her first birthday is the first I will witness and for that I am more than grateful! I really am trying to look on the bright side of this but I must admit that the waiting now is almost more than I can take. Every thing is in place and we even have tickets to fly to China, but due to the Chinese New Year that travel is delayed and it is HARD. The first thing I think of in the morning is how many days till lift off and the last thing I think of at night is how many more sleeps till Miah. It is funny that the nearly two years of waiting for a referral could not prepare me for this part of the wait, you would think I would be an expert by now. Ok enough of my ranting.

Miah happy eleven month birthday my darling. I will be with you this time next month and we will celebrate your first birthday, till then I am sending you my love, prayers and thoughts. I love you, mommy

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