Friday, December 15, 2006

What wouldn't you do

So I am sitting in my room reading when I hear Ho Ho Ho. No kidding, it is coming from the street behind me and I sit up to listen... I hear it again Ho Ho Ho, come out to see Santa and get some candy. Well I bolt out of my room through the house to the office and my DH looks at me like I had lost my mind. "What is wrong with YOU?" I tell him about Santa and he looks at me with a sheepish grin and says "I forgot to tell you the fire department is doing a Santa run." So I tell him lets goooooo and grab a very confused five year old little boy. I explain to him Santa is coming to see how all the kids are behaving and walk up the side walk with shorts and no shoes on thinking this would be a quick pass by of the fire truck and James will be delighted. NOT AT ALL WHAT HAPPENED!! Santa never made to our street but we could hear him really close so Randy (after I ran to put on sweats and shoes thank the Lord) decides to walk down to see if we can spot the big man. Well after about three quarters of a mile..... Finally we see Santa. No I am not kidding we just keep chasing after that Ho Ho Ho sound and the siren till we finally see it. James lit up like a Christmas tree and was over joyed during the whole five seconds it took the Big Man to drive by and throw a candy cane to him (that crushed on impact I might add, Aim for the Grass Santa!) and then realized he would haft to walk the whole way home. Not good even when it isn't past his bed time, but he made it. To tell you the truth even though it is not an experience I would have chosen to do it was well worth the 5 seconds to see his little face, and above all else we some great family time out of the blue the would have other wise been squandered on unimportant things. It was a great time and really what wouldn't you do to see this smile.....

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