Friday, December 08, 2006

Parade Photos

Our parade adventure was a great one and I thought I would share a few photos from the 100's I took. I must admit when I saw these storm troopers marching down the street I got so excited it was so cool to see them. They looked like they just walked off the movie and into real life!
One of the really cool things that happened was I learned that there are still people in America that are nice and not rude. When we got to the parade it was getting pretty full and James really could not see all that well but we were making due, when out of the blue this really nice lady offered to let James sit on her blanket right up front. Well I let him... so not like me but I really wanted him to have the best experience. I was having a hard time seeing him and almost called him back to me when another lady totally gave up her spot so I could be closer to him and right up front myself. Now these people had been waiting two hours for the event to start and she told me she had been there every year for like 17 years and watched her kids and now her grand kids see the parade. I told her this was our first ( after she had given up her space) and she was so excited for James. I try to be kind to others but most of the time I get rudeness in return, but I felt so moved by the giving of the people we met that day. Here is James Front row and center for all the action.
James was wide eyed wonder for most of the parade not wanting to be bothered by me in any way shape or form, but when he say Clifford the big red dog he whipped around yelling mama mama mama, its CLIFFORD!!! He was smiling from ear to ear and could not take his eyes off this huge balloon. That is what it was all about for me. The sheer look of joy on my little boys face. What a great day.

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