Monday, December 11, 2006


This is Randy___ Stacey's husband. I am constantly getting accused of not reading this blog so here ya go--- Stacey has been driving me nuts for a long time now. So you have a better idea of what driving me nuts constitutes here it is:
  • * Finding pages of Miah's name all over the place as Stacey apparently thinks she needs practice writing it.
  • * Finding even more paper with some new fangled math where Stacey is attempting to calculate the exact moment we will see our daughter
  • * Constant phone calls asking me what my predictions are
  • * Miah's closet looking like Pepto-Bismol exploded in there
  • * Stacey coming to tears every time we walk by a Chinese baby in the mall
  • * Hearing Stacey "SCREAM" from the office and running to find it is simply a squeal of excitement for finding a new picture or blog of a Chinese baby
  • * Speaking of bookmarks--the hundred or more bookmarks of fellow adopters which takes forever to sift through
  • * The idea of retail therapy -- gotta be a girl thing
  • * The countless tears-- enough said about that

Truth be told though, I am chomping at the bit too since we will be getting our daughters picture this month. YEAH! Anyway, I love you Stacey and just wanted to let you know -- I read it today.


Anonymous said...

I just had a huge post done for you but blogger wouldn't publish it!!

Anyway...that was soooo beautiful!!

I'm always bugging my hubby to come post on our blog too for our little girl! I bet he'd have the same exact things to say as you!! In fact, there is a piece of paper right now here on the table that has our Annaliese's name written on it like 20 times!! ;)


Mrs. U said...

Hi there!!
I just popped over from RQ's site when I noticed that we share the same LID- 9-12-05!! Can you believe that we're NEXT!!!!! Finally!!!!!

Who are y'all with? We are with CCAI.

It's nice to "meet" a fellow LIDer!!!

Mrs. U