Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Mother My Friend

Mother, if Beauty is in the eye of the beholder than you are more beautiful than a thousand seas of diamonds in my eves. You are loved more than you could ever imagine and cherished above and beyond all earthly things. I love you, Sis.

This post is a dedication to my mom. As I look forward to becoming a mom for the second time it is with great joy that I look at my relationship with my own mom. The mother daughter bond is a wonderful thing in my family and I am blessed to be close to my mommy! I can only hope that Miah and I will be half as close and you better believe I will do every thing in my power to make that happen. How could I not when the relationship I have with my own mother is one of the most rewarding and loving of my life. She has taught and continues to teach me things all the time, from the mundane got to know every day life things to the soul searching only time and wisdom can bring topics. She loves me with out conditions and taught me do love the same way even when it is not easy. She has mercy yet is as strong and grounded as they come. She does not wavier in adversity and has the ability to put others at ease in a crisis. My mother has been there for me, challenged me, moved me, been tough and realistic with me even when it was hard to do so. She has been excited for me and loves my husband as her own. She is the best Grandmother I could ever hope for James and she is just as excited to have Miah come into our family. She has been there through three adoptions processes and never been pushy or overbearing just listing and trying to understand the best she can all the ups and downs I have gone through with Lawyers and losing one baby in adoption, to the drastic change in this last adoption and the wait ever increasing. She has been there when I could not take anymore from my DH (all couples fight now and again) only to listen and then point out to me why I love him and what was really going on and the right way to look at it all. This has always been a very rare thing as when I got married (at 18) she pulled me aside and gave me one the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten. She said that she loved Randy and always would but if I wanted to make sure that the bond between the remained strong then I would not come to her with all my little woes and gripe about the little thing to her, because as much as she loves Randy I am her daughter and her natural instinct would be to protect me weather I needed it or not. Mom was right and I followed that advice knowing if I really needed her she was there to listen. thank you mom for teaching me to be a good wife, loving mother, loyal friend and Godly woman. You are my inspiration so much of the time in this life, I am truly blessed to have you. I look forward to the mother daughter bond I am about to form with my own little Miah!

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