Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bubbles and Sweet Dreams

The bubbles you see here are from Gymboree and if you are coming to China I would highly recomend them. They are wonderful and stay in the air a long time and when they land they do not pop right away so the little ones can get a good look at them and sometimes hold one like Miah is doing in one of the shots above. They are a great ice breaker for baby and parents too and a wonderful distraction for a baby in melt down mode. I have not found any like these except at Gymboree but I know bubbles of any kind are fun for kids of all ages!

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Jill, Mike, and Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Miah! What an unforgettable day! We are so glad to be there with you for this milestone! Stacey, I love the black and white picture of James and his baby sister. So adorable! He is such a great, personable, and well behaved little boy. What a precious family of four you all are!