Monday, March 05, 2007

The Most Amazing gift...

Oh if only I could put into words what a day today has been...But I can not, there are to many emotions and to much spinning around between my ears. Not to mention I am just TIRED. I have got to tell you I have the most beautiful little girl on the planet. Miah is perfect from her tiny little nose to the tip of her toes.
The moment came and went in a flash and I was holding her before I even had time to wonder when it would be our turn. It was so amazing when we got to the Civil Affairs floor there were the babies just waiting for us and every one immediately started snapping pictures and trying to figure out who was who... I guessed right but I must admit I was not sure at all until they handed her to me. She did not cry at first she just stared at me her little eyes searching, it was a wonderful feeling. When I handed her to Randy she only fussed for a few seconds before really looking him over as well. It took James a moment before he would say hello, but just as I knew he would he has taken to being a big brother as well... A little jealous, but still wonderful none the less. Miah is fitting into the nine month things I brought her very well and the size 3 diapers are right on the money. She is about middle in our group size wise and she is the youngest. Her hair is thick and course and so shiny .... I LOVE IT! She took just fine to the Playtex bottles we brought and has already had two bottles for us as well as some bread, what I think was Con gee and some banana and Cheerios so we no she will not starve. It is still early to really tell but I do not think she is really crawling very well yet, she seems to scoot backwards and get frustrated with it. She is sitting up but more at the level of a eight month old at this point ... still a little floppy.
When we got back to our hotel room after being in the civil affairs office for three hours she was all about playing with stacking cups and smiling and giggling... She likes to be tickled. James had great fun teaching her how to play with them.Tonight laying her down went pretty well all things considered, she did fight sleep and so eventually I just layed her down in the crib with a soft blanket and just rubbed her head while she just let it all out and went to sleep in a matter of minutes. All in all she really has not cried much at all and has even smiled and laughed for us and that for sure is a blessing. Well I hate to cut this short but I really must get some rest so enjoy the pictures and be sure and check back for more.

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