Monday, March 05, 2007

Miah day Pictures

That very first moment!

Hello Daddy

See my cheeks....

Brotherly Love

Pure Beauty....


Sarah said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! I'm so proud. I love the picture of James and Miah, so sweet! Give James and Miah a kiss from Nana. I love all of you so much. Can't wait until your all home safe and sound. Love Mom/Nana

Lisa~~ said...

Beautiful!! I love seeing the pics when the families come together. Glad to read that everything is going so well, congrats!!

Kelley said...

God is so great! Congratulations Stacey, Randy and big brother James! I am so happy for y'all, I am about to burst.
Big hugs,

Don & Judy said...

Congratulations Stacey & Randy!

It's wonderful to see Miah in your arms...and what a sweet brother she has!

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy every minute!

Judy in KC

Erin said...

Randy, Stacey and James - I am so happy for you all! What a wonderful day and what a gorgeous baby girl. We can't wait to meet her in person!

Baby Miah - Little girl, you are so lucky and blessed! We cannot wait to meet you and introduce you to your new friends. We love you and your family very much!

Bob, Erin and Mollianne (and Miss Meisey!)

Kim and Jim said...
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Kim and Jim said...

Stacey and Randy and James,
Miah is absolutely beautiful! It is so wonderful to see the family all together. I can't wait for that to happen for us as well! Our daughter is also at Dianjiang.

God Bless you guys and have a safe trip home!
Kim in Orlando
(One of the September Yahoo group Secret pals!)

Kathy said...

After such a long wait, now the best part of your journey begins. Enjoy your time together in China as a new family! Embrace these precious few moments as they will live in your memories forever! Embrace your new precious little treasure as she has now touched your heart from this day forward!
Kathy, Greg, Joelle (a.06/03/2003) and Jessie (a.08/23/2006)

Samantha said...

Congratulations! She is Gorgeous!

LID 10/28/05

Anonymous said...

To the Ford Family and new baby Miah,

Congratulations and we are so happy we are going to have another "Spice" Girl living close by. Kaylyn cannot wait to meet you and tell her all about her adventure to America. Miah is so beautiful and Happy, Praise God!

Vicki and Kaylyn Duddlesten

Patti and Robert said...

Stacey, she is beautiful! What great hair. Words cannot even express how wonderful this is....Sounds like James is being a great big brother. Look foward to meeting Miah at the White Swan!
Robert, Patti and Hannah