Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turn 32... Wow! I must admit this birthday was not as hard as turning 30 and I have the most beautiful birthday gift sitting in my living room right now... Even if she is a little fussy. We really did not do any celebrating today but to tell you the truth that was just fine with me, I enjoyed just spending the day in an easy pace with no worries but the laundry.
Miah continues to amaze me with how well she is doing. She is really starting to crawl now and is realizing little by little when I put her down she can follow me. She is starting to pull up and has been standing on her own for a few seconds at a time... walking to follow soon. Sleeping through the night is a go for the most part, but we stayed out late one night and that put a kink in it a little. She is a definite music lover and if she sees even a glimpse of dancing going on she will sit in a trance watching, nothing else can keep her attention like that. One thing I have noticed is she is gradually becoming more clingy. In the beginning she wanted me near but was ok to be put down, not so now she wants to touch me and be in my arms at all times. She will push any one and any thing that touches me and will scream if James get in my lap for more than a few seconds.... I just let her scream over that one.... She MUST share the mommy! James just thinks it is funny, and to tell the truth he pretty much takes it all in strides. He has been doing much better and is starting to love on Miah more and more.

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Kelley said...

Happy birthday, my sweet friend!