Saturday, March 03, 2007

Great Climbing at the Great Wall 1

We had a wonderful if not wet and cold day! James was amazing yet again and did very well, Nana and Nene do not worry about him he is doing better than we are and loving it too. Every one is so great to him and that helps a lot. Well I made it to the first tower at the great wall behind James who booked it up there with his dad and would have gone even farther but we decided it was best he stay behind with me as Randy went on and on and on.... Randy did great he made it past the third tower and got a few really great pictures, but when he came back down his legs were doing the noodle dance of there own acord. We also saw Tian An Men Square and the Forbidden City both of which are very neat and I could have spent all day taking pictures, but alas it was a quick moving tour and so I did the best I could! My favorite was the Royal Garden and the story behind it. Well I will keep this short for now since we are due to leave our hotel first thing this morning but I will try and send photos of Miah as soon as I can.


Don & Judy said...

Hi Stacey & family!
It's Sunday morning here, 8:09 am Central time. So glad to hear you and your family made it to China safely!
So excited for you! So many people in our Sept DTC group will be getting their babies this week! I hope you get to visit DJ to see where Miah spent the first part of her life. If you do, and you see my sweet Marlee, please give her BIG hugs from her Mama and Baba!
Can't wait to see your gotcha pic's! Have a wonderful trip. I will keep checking back with you on your blog!
God Bless!
Judy in KC
Sept DTC Group

John Paul, Andrea ,Ben and Alyana said...

Hello From Canada!
We love your photos. We too just got home from China with our daughter and enjoy reliving the experience through blogs of families that are their right now. Enjoy your trip !
Andrea and JP