Sunday, March 18, 2007


We are home!! Actually we have been home for two days but it seems like we are in a perpetual fog and doing anything other than staying awake seems to be a monumental chore. We are doing things to help the transition but it is a slow process. It is four thirty in the morning and this is the latest I have gotten sleep so far. Miah is waking up every couple of minutes and lets out a cry, my rule is to give her three minutes and if she is still crying I will go to her, and so far this morning that has not happened. She crys about thirty seconds and then soothes her self for about twenty seconds and then she is quite for about ten minutes and the process starts all over. Please understand this is not a desperate cry or one that is frightened, which at this point I am very familiar with from her. I do not want to let her cry it out but then again if I rush in the second she utters her first peep she will never get on schedule, and to tell you the truth this is working for us. We have gone from her being up at 12:40 to 2:40 to now 4:10 so we should have about another week till she is sleeping through the night... I HOPE!
Our stay at the White Swan was a great experience and we did have some fun, but I am very glad to be home and even more glad to say that long flight schedule is behind us. Both kids did wonderful. They both slept most of the way and played well when they were not sleeping. Randy also got some shut eye.... Me .... I have come to the conclusion I can not sleep in a moving vehicle of any kind! So needless to say by the time we got to Chicago I was punchy to say the least, and missing our connecting flight was NOT A GOOD THING!!! It was poor planing on the part of the travel agency and we knew that it would be a penitential problem but they assured Randy that all would be fine. Not the case obviously and so we ended up spending the night at OHare airport. Now our connecting flight was to take off 1 and 1/2 hour after we landed in Chicago which under normal circumstance I agree would be fine, but when you must go through immigration, customs,recheck your luggage, and then through security again, not to mention the time it takes you to get from one gate to the next across the entire airport time is short! So if you have not traveled yet BEWARE.
Since we have been home Miah is doing pretty well, and she is loving her toys! Some of the delays she is having are a little more obvious now that we have slowed down enough to just let her play, but she is already making process. We are scheduling a therapist to evaluate her and see if she needs therapy or not due to our doctors recommendation. Her eating habits are erratic right now and I am sure most of it is due to the time change, but let me tell you if she does not want something she lets you know and you better move the food or your going to wear it. She has been teething like crazy and has also had a pretty bad cold since our arrival home. She also got started on being re vaccinated which I am not crazy about but the pediatrician was adimate that it was the best thing so that is what we are doing. Other than that all is well in her little world and she is really coming out of her shell. The bonding is happening but I am not so naive as to say she is totally bonded yet. She defiantly knows that it I am the one who feeds, loves, changes, and provides comfort for her, but knowing that this is a forever thing for her will take time. Time I am willing to give....especially when she gives me a smile!
James is also doing well. He is almost completely back on schedule and back to his wonderful self for the most part. We are dealing with a few issues of the sibling nature and I haft to admit they are a little more than what I thought they would be. Since I had been taking care of another baby for over a year and he was use to that I thought the transition to sister would be a little easier. I was wrong and now that I think about I do understand why, but I am having to really step back and re approach some of my handling of this. I am proud of James and how well he traveled, and I am amazed at the young man he is becoming but I am also having to remember he is only five and still little in so many ways. I do not want him to haft to grow up to fast so I am going to make sure we nurture the baby in him as well as the big boy!
It is good to be home and hopefully I will blog a little more often but till then ....

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jennifer said...

Your little girl is beautiful. I found your blog towards the end of your trip, and have enjoyed it so much. We are in the "great paper chase" currently, and have 3 home grown boys, so I have been very interrested to see your little boy throughout your journey. I hope the sleep thing works itself out soon. It's amazing what a good nights sleep can do for a person!!

Jennifer Doughty
Denham Springs, LA