Monday, March 12, 2007

Hey where did you take my pants...
Ok This is just CUTE... After I take out the pony tails this is what she looks like.
This is a favorite shot...

We are all doing ok. Sorry it took so long to get back on here and this post will be short, but I wanted every one to know we are doing fine and Miah is adjusting well. James had a really bad couple of Days and we ended up taking him to the clinic here at the White Swan and the doctor was great. He is all better now and all sysetems are a go. Miah had her medical check up and was not to keen on being taking out of mommys arms, but she survived. Miah weighed in at 20.4 lbs and was 29 inches long. She fits perfectly into 9 month clothes and has the smallest little feet. Her shoe size is about a three. Well that is all for now but I am sure you are ready for pictures, this will be my last post from China as we will be leaving on Wensday, but as soon as we are settled I will post more info and pictures.


Christie said...

Great pics - what a beauty she is!


Carrie said...

She is beautiful!!!! We adopted our daughter from Chongqing in October, 2005.

Here is my family blog!

She is a doll!! Congrats