Thursday, March 22, 2007

Settling in

We have now been home for one week and I can say we are starting to settle in. The strangest part is walking into Miahs nursery and knowing that she is really there. I checked on her like three times in one hour the other night just because the sensation was so overwhelming and I could just not believe she was actually home and in her crib. Miah is really doing great and has already slept through the night three nights in a row... hope this keeps up! James is also right back on schedule and are starting back to schooling today. I know we are blessed and I am not taking that for granted at all, I have read many horror stories about Jet Lag Drama and I am so glad that we all made it through with minor suffering.... That was hard enough. I will tell you that I think a couple things helped. One we took a night flight home from China, and even though the kids slept they did not get GOOD sleep and so they slept well for several hours when we got back to the states. Two we hit the ground running early that first day, mostly because we had to, but I really think that made a huge difference. From there we did every thing we could to keep the kids and ourselves awake during the day and then started a bedtime routine with both kids right away. So really in less than a week Miah and James both are in a routine and sleeping through the night with little to no trouble.
Miah is also making huge strides in development. I know that I have read several times how adopted children from China catch up with leaps and bounds, but I must admit I thought a lot of it was bragging from the parents. Let me tell you with out any bragging Miah has made remarkable strides. It is almost as if for the first time she actually has freedom to move. To tell you the truth this may really be the case. When she first came to us a little over two weeks ago she would not roll over from back to stomach and when she tried she would cry and give up. In a matter of days she was rolling over and in heaven figuring out she could actually get some where. Now she was not crawling at all and when you would put her on her stomach she would scoot backwards a couple times and then collapse to the ground and cry. She has very little upper body strength. Now she will crawl side ways for a bit and actually gets to a goal as long as it is not more than a few feet, but still she has gone from not crawling at all to really trying hard to get there. I figure at this rate she will be mobile I mean really mobile by the end of the month and walking will not take to long as she is already cruising if you put her up to walk. She is also starting to pull up, another big accomplishment as I said before her upper body strength is greatly lacking, but she is getting there. It is amazing what a little play time, one on one attention and love will do!
We have been to our first Church service with Miah and It was so wonderful to see all the love and support when we walked in the door. I was also glad to see Miahs reaction... She held on very tight to me and even pushed away a few hands when they would touch ME... Showing possession at this stage is a very good sign. We love our church family and are so glad to be back home with you all!
Here are a few pictures of the past few days.... Enjoy.....

This is what Jet Lag looks like at our house at four in the morning.... Notice I am taking the picture.... No need to scare any one!

Miah has been a little difficult to get to eat but she really likes the carrots!Nene (my mom) bonding with HER girl!Miah all dressed and ready for church on her favorite toy.A little down time with daddy after a hard day of Play.


Krista said...

Hi Stacey
Glad to see everone has gotten over jetlag and things seem to be running smoothly.
We did the same thing as you in regards to jetlag, we were up and running the very next day, with no choice, our 2 other children needed my attention, and my husband was back at work 2 days later and I was back in 1 week. Thankfully I teach prescool in my own home so I didn't have to leave Lily at all and she loved having children to play with.
Welcome home
Krista Dolan

Kelley said...

LOL! Love that photo of Randy...I'm sure that he's thrilled that you posted it on your blog! Why is it though that the kids look wide awake?

Kelley said...
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