Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Our time

It is our time in China and I am so grateful for that. I am going to keep this short as I know you just want the pictures.... Chongqing is a wonderful place with so much old and new side by side. The people are friendly and very curious about James and then when they see Miah they are even more so. Yesterday we went to Wal mart and did a little shopping while in line an older man came up to James just talking away and picked him up right from between Randy and the shopping cart James was clinging to. He was just chattering and then trying to hold James up for all to see him.... James took it well and we explained to he that the man was happy to see James and that the man only wanted every one to see how cute he was. James was also surrounded by a group of ladies at a market we ventured to yesterday as well. They loved touching his cheeks and I think they keep telling him he is beautiful. James got a yo yo as a reward so he felt it was worth the sacrifice of his cuteness. Miah is doing well. She will go to both Randy and I but wants me in sight and defiantly seems to understand that I am taking care of her so she clings to me. Ok here comes the "POOP NEWS" so don't read if your not interested... She went last night but it was so hard for her. I am talking bricks here.... I think she may have been trying to go for two days now but last night she just cried and whimpered so I picked her up and sure enough she was pushing with all her might and no luck so I layed her down and pulled her knees to her chest and massaged her tummy It still took a long time and she was in pain but we did have success. After that she has sleep really well. POOP NEWS OVER.

Well I guess I will post Photos now and then I am off to get ready to go and see the SWI Miah was in for eight months of her little life.... Oh we did find out Miah was in foster care for four months and then brought back to the SWI for one month before we came to get her. Miah loves ... LOVES.. Her blocks, and baning them!Time for our first family outing to .... WALMARTI am not walking yet but I sure do look cute trying.See my Smile... It comes out from time to time.My Big Brother Likes to Share With Me.

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